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Miami Foreclosure Defense - My Legal Save

Legal Save, Jeffrey Papell, Esq., is a private Law Firm focusing on Miami Foreclosure Defense, Short Sales and Loan Modifications in Miami. Jeffrey Papell is licensed in the State of Florida and New York. At Legal Save we are familiar with all the legal strategies for foreclosure defense. Each client’s needs and case is different, so our foreclosure defense strategy is tailored for each one of our clients. We understand that nothing is more debilitating to a family than losing their home. It is, for most families their largest and most important asset. Mr. Papell understands the emotional trauma better than most. Mr. Papell is a Max Gardner Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduate, a five day intensive training session devoted to homeowner’s rights.

Your situation is not hopeless and you are not alone. There are ways to legally and successfully fight back. But timing is critical - Do not wait. We can help you STOP the foreclosure process and protect your rights.

At Legal Save we carefully analyze your situation and then give you unparalleled support and guidance. Attorney Jeffrey Papell works with each client to develop a defense strategy customized to protect your home and your rights. Hire an experienced Miami Foreclosure Attorney, Defend your Rights.

Do not make any decisions until you talk with a qualified attorney who understands the laws, knows the process, and who has your best interests in mind. The tragedy that Mr. Papell sees every day in court are those homeowners who try to defend themselves, never raising legal issues before the judge. “I lost my job” or “the bank told me it was working on a modification” is not a legal defense. Rarely is a homeowner able to successfully defend themselves, and Mr. Papell urges each homeowner facing foreclosure or having difficulty making their mortgage payments to seek the advice of an attorney practiced in Miami Foreclosure Defense.

We pride ourselves in fighting for your rights, Attorney Jeffrey Papell is passionate and dedicated to helping you find a solution to protect your assets.